B2B Channel solution represents the INTEGRAL E-BANKING SOLUTION for payment operations executed in the country and abroad.

Owing the frame of STP concept (Straight Through Processing), Hal E-Bank/B2B Channel enables you to be informed on each change that occurred on your account in the same time the respective change is being registered by the Bank.

This solution automates the payment transaction statements exchange between the back office processing of the legal person and the back office processing of the business bank, and it also realizes payment transaction statements transfer between the legal person and the bank n more practical and complete manner.

Hal E-Bank/B2B Channel performs the function of the additional equipment of the banking centre for electronic banking, with the available channel for the immediate (STP) connection of the bank’s IT system with the user’s IT system.

Hal E-Bank/B2B solution enables automatic data exchange with the bank via Hal E-Bank/B2B Channel transfer route and signing of payment orders. In that way electronic connection to the bank is made simpler and faster.

You can also install Hal E-Bank/B2B as the finished product and link it to your applications with this solution.

Protection and authentication of the user who employs the Hal E-Bank/B2B Channel transfer route has been created by use of the smart card which contains the certificate of the Hal E-Bank/B2B transfer channel for payment operations in the country. 


Komercijalna Banka a.d. Beograd is the first bank in Serbia that implemented this solution (by the end of December 2004) and in the short period of time we made the agreements and implemented this solution in several notable companies.