Corporate E-bank is aimed at medium and large companies performing payment operations from a number of computers connected in the local network. Corporate E-Bank operates at the client/server principle and, therefore, it requires the mutual data basis which is usually installed in the separate, more powerfull computer, serving as a server. The programme server equipment of IBM DB2 UDB Workgroup Edition (work group version) data base is to be installed in such a computer, while the work stations should be installed with – clients, IBM Client Application Enabler (enables the functioning of client applications), and afterwards, the programme equipment should be adequatly configurated. Installation of the IBM DB2 programme equipment and configuration of connection must be peformed by a compentent person.

Corporate E-Bank enables all programme users to see the same data, including the archive and prepared but unsent orders and messages. For Corporate E-Bank communication with the  Bank, it is necessary that , at least, one of the computers have the Internet outlet – through modem or by way of rented line. When it refreshes the data, all users will be able to see them.


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