DinaCard cards issued by Komercijalna banka are designed to satisfy the requirements of clients from all categories, and they are particularly popular during this Holiday Season.


DinaCard Start card, is aimed at users of Kombank Start current accounts, i.e. young people, ages 18 to 27. It is a debit card issued with opening of a Start account, and it can be used for payments of goods and services in the country and abroad (at places with Discover Network or Diners Club International logos) and for cash withdrawals on the counters and ATM machines of all banks. At ATMs and counters of Komercijalna banka, cash withdrawals with DinaCard Start card are free of charge.


DinaCard Klasik card is also a debit cards from the range of national DinaCard programme, issued with current account. Front of the card displays user’s current account number, so apart from functioning as a payment card, it also serves as an identification (ID) card of the current account. DinaCard Klasik card is used for cashless payments for goods and services, and for cash withdrawals on ATMs in the country and abroad in the Discover Network in 168 countries.


This card also has a unique design, on it is placed a detail from the painting of Gala Čaki “Conversation with Emil Cioran “, inspired by one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century.


Komercijalna banka’s DinaCard Klasik and Start card are issued without any charges and membership fees, so from the clients’ perspective, they are free of charge.


DinaCard credit card is aimed at the clients who receive their salaries through account with Komercijalna banka, and functions on the approved credit limit principle. It can be used for payments of goods and services at all merchants displaying DinaCard logo, and for cash withdrawals on ATMs and counters of banks in the country and abroad, and at the sales spots displaying Discover Network or Diners Club International logos.


In cooperation with DIS Company, Komercijalna banka also issues DinaCard Co-branding card which allows its users delayed payment option for goods of up to 90 days in the retail stores of DIS company. The card functions based on the monthly-approved limit that is determined based on the income channelled through the Bank’s account and assessment of the overall creditworthiness of a client.

In all other instances, DIS Co-branding card can be used as a debit card with instant debit of the current account.