Komercijalna banka has also in its portfolio the national DinaCard business debit card aimed at legal entities. The card is issued with opening of a current account, and a company can obtain unlimited number of such cards.


Business DinaCard is used for payment of goods and services (business entertainment, hotel accommodation, travel expenses) and cash withdrawals in the country, as well as for execution of internet transactions (hotel bookings, airline tickets purchases, etc.).


Disposal of funds on each individual card is available up to the defined monthly expenditure limit, and daily cash withdrawal limit.


Use of business payment cards improves quality of business transactions, especially regarding travelling outside company’s headquarters, makes payments faster, simpler and safer, reduces the need for carrying cash and provides easy and transparent control over business expenses.


Information on DinaCard business card and issuance process can be obtained in any branch of Komercijalna banka, and through the Contact centre on telephone numbers (+381) (0)11 20 18 600 and 0700 800 900.