As part of the campaign “Together for Babies” for the purchase of equipment for maternity hospitals in Serbia, initiated by Komercijalna banka and B92 Fund, the maternity ward of the general hospital in Ćuprija has received a donation of equipment worth 2.1 million dinars, including delivery table, gas analyst, transcutaneous bilirubin meter and vacuum extractor with a surgical aspirator.

“I am very proud that Komercijalna banka participates in the largest equipment purchasing campaign for maternity hospitals in Serbia and for being in Ćuprija today. The value of this significant donation is 2.1 million dinars in total and includes valuable and necessary medical equipment that will improve the health care of recent mothers and babies. I promise we will continue to support this amazing campaign”, said Vladimir Medan, PhD, CEO of Komercijalna banka when delivering the donation.

Representative of the B92 Fund Jovana Stranjančević reminded everyone that so far in the campaign “Together for Babies” equipment has been purchased also for health care centers in Belgrade (GAK Višegradska and GAK Narodni front), Čačak, Šabac, Knjaževac, Požarevac, Kruševac, Gračanica, Aleksinac, Valjevo, Negotin, Kladovo, Jagodina, Priboj and Vrnjačka Banja. She added that, apart from medical equipment, IT equipment was also purchased for 13 maternity hospitals and nine registrar offices in 19 cities in Serbia for initiating the project of registering newborns into the books, immediately, in the maternity hospitals.

The equipment delivery ceremony was attended also by the Minister for Labor, Employment, Veteran and Welfare Issues Zoran Đorđević who said that the Serbian Government and the Ministry of Health were working on equipping all our hospitals up to the highest standards, from general practice to clinics, so that they can provide full health care to those in need.

Representatives of the B92 Fund and Komercijalna banka and the Labor Minister Zoran Đorđević were met by the director of Ćuprija hospital, Slobodan Gajić, PhD who thanked them for the equipment they had donated:


“I feel greatly privileged to thank the leading participants in the campaign, Komercijalna banka and B92 Fund for equipping maternity hospitals in Serbia with valuable medical devices that are of great importance for the work of our maternity hospital. I would like to express my satisfaction for continuing this campaign and I would now invite also other institutions to join this or similar campaigns for equipping health care institutions and in doing so raising the level of health care provided to our population.”


Donation delivered in Ćuprija is the 16th donation since the campaign “Together for Babies” was launched on June 1st, 2014.