mBank – KOmBANK BIZ for small business and entrepreneurship



mBank KOmBANK BIZ is a mobile banking service designed for small business and entrepreneurship, enabling customers to perform banking services online securely, easily and easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location.


WEB E-bank – KOmBANK BIZ application has been intended foremost to:

  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Entrepreneurs


Advantages of mBank - KOmBANK BIZ application are:

  • Additional security - all payment transactions of KOmBANK BIZ solutions pass ANTIFRAUD control (mechanisms for detecting suspicious payment transactions and preventing abuse)
  • Review of balance and turnover by accounts, execution of domestic payment transactions, authorization of payment transactions by PIN code,
  • The ability to create currency forward for an internal transfer of funds between the local currency-dinar accounts
  • Communication Centre - two-way communication with the Bank


mBank KOmBANK BIZ application available for Android and iOS phones.

To activate a mobile application, you need to download the mBank KOmBANK BIZ application from Google Play or Apple Store:



How does one become the user of WEB E-bank KOmBANK BIZ service?

You need to complete the following documentation in the closest outlet of the bank, and within two business days you will receive your username to the reported e-mail address, and SMS will be sent to the registered mobile phone containing the password to access the service.


NOTE: To become a mBank KOmBANK BIZ application user, you need to be registered for WEB E-bank KOmBANK BIZ service.


For all information, please contact us by e-mail: