Purchase and Sale of Foreign Currency

Purchase of foreign currency from the Bank’s potential


Komercijalna banka offers its customers purchase of foreign currency at the most favourable rates in the market. The customer submits to the Bank a Request for purchase of foreign currency. The Bank sends the customer a calculation with payment instructions by email or e-bank, depending on the customer’s instruction, immediately upon receiving a request for the purchase of foreign currency.


Selling foreign currency to the Bank


At the customer’s request, Komercijalna banka purchases foreign currency from foreign currency accounts within shortest possible time, immediately upon receiving the request for purchase of foreign currency. The request for purchase of foreign currency is sent to the Bank in a free form, on the customer’s headed paper. Dinar equivalent of foreign currency sold to the Bank is transferred to the customers’ current accounts immediately upon receiving the request.

Foreign currency transactions are carried out through more than 20 correspondent accounts in banks in Australia, Canada, Europe and USA. We have correspondent relations with more than 200 banks all over the world.