Sale and Lease of Property Owned by Bank

The property is sold »as seen« (buildings and documentation), with no right to claim. Viewing the buildings, as well as accessing the documentation of ownership at the disposal of the Bank, can be done on working days, with a prior appointment. The obligations of the buyer and seller will be governed in more details by purchase and sale agreement.
Tax on absolute rights transfer shall be borne by the buyer.
The Bank reserves the discretionary right when reviewing the offers in order make decision, not to choose any of the bidders due to inadequate offer or for other reasons that the Bank estimates as justified.

Contact phone numbers: +381 11/ 333-9-528 and +381 6595 67707.




Office space

1. BELGRADE – BANOVO BRDO – office space
– registered in the land registry 1/1. Located at the ground floor of „Business Center Stankom", at 7, Toše Jovanovića Street. Area of the business office is 24 m2, but it also includes a separate room, of 10 m2, which makes the total area of 34 m2. Possible sale or lease

2. POŽAREVAC – DOWNTOWN AREA – office space – registered in land registry 1/1.
The building is located in the center of Požarevac, at 2, Moše Pijade Street.
The entire space is for sale, total area of 1.672 m2, which is composed of two office buildings connected by a passage: a) a part of larger building, of area 791 m2 (the remaining part shall be kept as Bank’s property) and b) the smaller building, („ERC" or Annex), having the area of 881 m2. Special advantage: each room/office is separately registered in land registry!
Preference will be given to offers for B of entire space, but the offers for the units indicated under a) and b) will also be considered. 

3. NOVI PAZAR – office space
it is located at 44, Kej skopskih žrtava Street, area of 83 m2. Possible sale or lease

4. JASIKA near Kruševac – office space
it is located at bb, Milunke Savić Street, area of 76 m2. Former sub-branch of the Bank. Possible sale or lease

5. KRUŠEVAC – down town – at Trg Kosturnica – office space –registered in lance registry 1/1.
The area of the building is 431,51 m2. It is situated on attractive location in downtown area and is composed of three levels (basement, ground floor and the first floor), with each level having the approximately the same area. Basement and the first floor have an enviable entrance hall and that is where the sanitation facilities along with smaller areas for kitchenettes are located. The space was previously used by the Bank, the basement for teller’s office, and the floor and basement for offices and vault. Possible sale or lease

6. LESKOVAC – warehouse – registered 1/1
having total area of 335m2, registered in the Property List no. 17915 KO/CM Leskovac, 7, Kralja Petra I Street. Possible sale or lease

7. NIŠ – office no. 5, being of 68m2 area in the ground floor of the building no. 1 
Built on cadaster lot number 428/17 at 84,Vizantijski bulevar Street, registered in the Property List 4220 KO/CM Niš Ćele kula at price of EUR 65.000,00. Possible sale or lease 


Hotels and resorts

7. JASTREBAC – complex of resorts – registered in land registry 1/1
The area of the complex is 811 m2, and is composed of: the resort building (687 m2), summer house (70 m2) and house for aggregate and shed for power generator (54 m2). Possible sale or lease

8. ČAČAK – hotel „Prezident" – registered 1/1
It is located at b.b , Bulevar Oslobođenja Street, area of 2.279 m2. Possible sale or lease

Building at the border crossing

9. GRADINA – office building
Exceptionally attractive business location at the border crossing to Bulgaria. The Bank owns the approval granted by MIA and Customs Administration to use it.
The area of the building is 60 m2. Possible sale or lease

Houses and apartments

10. VRBAS – house with a yard – registered in land registry 1/1
Located at 49, Maršala Tita Street. A part of the building owned by the Bank is for sale, and the same is compose of: house in ’’gray phase’’ of construction, area of 146 m2, with a right to use the passage (33 m2) and yard having an area 5 acres and 82 m2 with an additional facility. 

11. ČAČAK – house with a yard - registered in land registry 1/1
Located at 6 , Ratka Mitrovića Street (Vladike Nikolaja Velimirovića 194), near the ring road in Čačak, towards the entrance to the business area of the company »Sloboda«. For sale is the building with area of 114 m2, ground floor building that is composed of entrance terrace, hallway, two rooms, kitchen, lower pantry and bathroom (total of 77 m2),beneath which the cellar is built (38 m2). The building is of reinforced concrete with fundamental and socle walls of reinforced concrete. The building is equipped with water, sewage and electricity installations and PTT connection.

12. KOPAONIK – house in base 36m2 (cellar+groundfloor+attic) and the plot of total area of 0.03.37ha. 
The house is situated a few kilometers from the sky resort center and is located in the Cottage settlement, on the way to Jasle. Its base has the area of 36m2 (cellar+groundfloor+attic). In the anteroom of the house is the ski room, while the spacious living room with a kitchen and a fireplace in the ground floor, and on the attic there is a separate sleeping area with two rooms and sanitary facilities. 

Agricultural land

13. TUTIN – KO/CM Delimeđe - forest – „Buče"
A farm is for sale of total area 82,92 acres. 

14. TUTIN – KO/CM Reževiće – two meadows - „Infield"
A farm is for sale, total area of 124,64 acres. 

15. GNJILICA – Raška – KO/CM Gnjilica - field
A farm is for sale, total area of 26,38 acres. 


The equipment for sale is in Valjevo. 

Equipment for sale is Novi Pazar. 

Real estate in Montenegro

18. BUDVA – forest
A plot is for sale of area 974 m2. 

19. PRIJEVOR – near Budva – forest
A plot is for sale of 1.995 m2 area


20. NIŠ – warehouse – registered in land registry 1/1
total area of 2.878m2, registered in Property List no. 949 KO/CM Niš – Red Cross at Bul. 12. Februara bb, at the intersection of two main roads and highway E 75.