Standing Order

Your accounts - our concern!


Komercijalna banka offers you the possibility to settle your regular monthly liabilities for you via direct debit on your account.

For contracting this service it is enough to open a current account in any sub-branch of the Bank, to sign the application for opening / application of standing orders and submit a final account, which contains all the necessary elements of the payment of the service you want the Bank to settle instead of you in the future.

Standing orders can be used for payment of regular monthly expenses from your current account, as follows:


  1. Telekom Serbia
  2. Telenor
  3. EPS Snabdevanje
  4. Infostan (for citizens from the area of the City of Belgrade)
  5. Vip Mobile doo
  6. UNIQA životno osiguranje (life insurance)
  7. DUNAV životno osiguranje

In addition to these obligations, the Bank may execute transfers from your local currency / foreign currency accounts according to your order :

  • payment of loan instalment, debt per credit card, lease of safe deposit box and other services that are specified with the Bank
  • payment of life insurance premiums in foreign currency (foreign currency standing order) for the following insurances:
    1. Wiener Städtische životno osiguranje
    2. Uniqa životno osiguranje
    3. Dunav životno osiguranje
    4. Sava životno osiguranje
    5. Merkur životno osiguraje
  • individual transfers at a fixed amount on a specified date to the accounts of individuals and legal entities within and outside the Bank. Transfers  can be executed from your dinar / foreign currency accounts to dinar / foreign currency accounts of other individuals / or your own, as well as to dinar accounts of legal entities held in or out of Bank.

Respecting your time and money, Komercijalna banka allowed you to save with the standing order without coming to the Bank! You just select how much money and when you want the bank to transfer.


Foreign currency savings standing order

You can apply a foreign currency savings standing order  in favor of your on sight foreign currency account or term account, whereby the number of given standing orders, that is your foreign currency accounts to which you wish us to transfer funds is not limited.

The minimum amount of a single foreign currency standing order is EUR 30.00, and the maximum amount of foreign currency cash you can deposit by debiting your current account, via one or more of standing orders, is limited to EUR 5,000.00 per month.


Dinar savings standing order

You can apply the dinar savings standing order in favor of your dinar savings account that includes the term deposits. The Bank shall transfer the agreed amount of funds allocating this amount from the monthly income on your current account and shall execute transfer solely to term dinar deposits under normal conditions applicable for dinar term deposits.